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Join our upcoming 8-week interactive Bible study course with Jon Clash, starting late October/early November in the evenings (day TBD). We'll explore the Bible's reliability, key characters, and practical study skills. Engage with Q&A sessions after each class. Let's embark on this enlightening journey together.

  1. Introduction to the Bible and Its Reliability

    • An introductory class providing an overview of the Bible and addressing its historical reliability and authenticity.

  2. Understanding Biblical Genres

    • Building on the foundation from the first class, this class explores the various literary genres within the Bible, aiding in more effective interpretation.

  3. Practical Bible Study Skills and Where to Begin

    • Learn practical skills for reading and studying the Bible, including where to start and how to approach scripture.

  4. How to Use a Study Bible

    • A class focusing on utilizing study Bibles effectively, leveraging tools like cross-references, footnotes, and supplementary materials for deeper understanding.

  5. Key Characters in the Bible

    • An exploration of important figures in the Bible, delving into their stories, roles, and significance within Scripture.

  6. Basic Christian Theology and Where We Find It in the Bible

    • A foundational study of Christian theology, examining core beliefs, their biblical foundations, as well as equipping you to recognize heretical teachings.

  7. Basic Apologetics

    • An introduction to apologetics, emphasizing its role in defending the Christian faith and addressing common questions and objections.

  8. Teaching Others the Bible Study Basics

    • A concluding course that equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to teach others the fundamentals of Bible study, combining all previously learned concepts.

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-Jon Clash


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